End of Life Insight

Hello, My name is Robin Olson

I help my patients and their loved ones understand the end-of-life process to bring as much peace to their sacred journey as possible.

I offer my services with a compassionate presence to listen and support the dying person and their loved ones knowing that each person’s end-of-life journey is unique

End of Life Doulah

Kind Words by Others

“Robin is a special person. She has a gift of understanding people and meeting them right where they are in life.”
—Genny E.

Legacy Work

How many stories are there to tell?

Gathering family stories and memories is a gateway to healing and finding comfort in the end of life. We’ll explore what the dying person has learned, their values, and what they’ve found to be essential life lessons. I will lead the activities with whoever wants to be involved and help assemble the project.

Legacy work may include the following:

  • A collage
  • A music playlist
  • Scrapbook
  • A collection of recipes
  • A video or an audio recording
end of life doula vigils include looking at photos listening to music and more
two hands making a heart representing end of life care

Vigil Planning

I help the dying person and their families develop a plan for the last few days of life. Knowing who will be there, how the space will be setup, the kinds of sounds, smells, light, and touch desired all play an important role to the comfort and peace of the dying person. Ideas include:

  • Lighting – bright natural light or soft flow light
  • Music
  • Fresh flowers
  • Guided imagery/meditation
  • Favorite clothing, blanket or pillow
  • Aromatherapy/essential oils/candles
  • Being read to from your favorite book or scriptures
  • Having your pet(s) close

Respite Care

Overwhelm and caregiver fatigue.

Overwhelm and caregiver fatigue can easily set in when tending to a loved one who has a terminal illness. I will provide support with chores around the home to help lessen stress. My services include:

  • Cooking
  • Light housekeeping – vacuuming, washing/drying dishes, mopping
  • Folding laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Walking a pet
  • Gardening or watering plants
end of life doula making list of things to do to help caregiver
end of life doula

Bedside Vigil Support

The final stages of the dying process.

Prior to and during The Vigil, I will provide education on the signs of active dying, sit with the patient, and be a calming presence. I will assist in the implementation of the vigil plan. If no plan exists, I will offer options and choices to those present. I may use readings, music, guided meditations and imagery, and soft touch to help bring comfort to all involved.

More Kind Words

“Robin is truly amazing! She is a phone call away. The family was exhausted mentally and physically but didn’t want the patient to be alone. She came which allowed for them to be able to rest knowing someone was at his side. I truly feel that Robin had a connection with the patient and was able to help provide peace at such a delicate time!”

—Jasmine M. Hospice RN

I am here to offer guidance, support and facilitate heartfelt conversation during this time.

— Robin

Please contact me to schedule an initial conversation. 

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Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coach, Mindfulness Coaching School

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End of life doula

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