Robin Olson, Facilitating Transformation

End of Life Doula,  Meditation  Teacher,  Spiritual Life Coach,  Reiki Master,  Grief Support Specialist

“If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.”

—Toni Morrison


I’m Robin Olson

Each day I deliberately create the life I desire by reconnecting to my inner self and with Spirit. With this connection comes collaboration. I have found my purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Mentor and Reiki Master, End of Life Doula and Grief Counselor.

Feeling Overwhelmed

In a span of four years, from 2007 to 2011, my younger sister died from a traumatic brain injury, I divorced my alcoholic husband, and my father died of cancer. My world spun like a merry-go-round. You know the ones on the playground where one kid keeps pushing it to go faster and faster and we hold on for dear life? I felt I could slip off at any moment. I felt dizzy from responsibility. Directionless and with my young daughter in tow.


Feeling Anxious

Panic-stricken anxiety interrupted my nights. I’d cry myself back to sleep wanting someone to save me. In the morning, I’d roll my tired body out of bed and stare at puffy eyes in the bathroom mirror before getting ready to tackle another day. This happened night after night. I was overwhelmed with loss, grief, and the struggles of being a single mom.

Ultimately, it was my daughter who snapped me out of auto-pilot. I very much wanted to keep my daughter’s world as free-flowing as possible. She went to a good school and participated in activities. I did not understand that my frazzled emotions, insecurities, and erratic energy had an effect on her. In my constant state of floundering but trying to cover it up, unease spilled over into our relationship as I demanded good grades, compliance in behavior, and constant effort. My nurturing skills were virtually non-existent, but I knew how to keep a rigid schedule to appear normal.

In 2012, my daughter took up Olympic recurve archery. She competed at the local, state and national levels for several years. One day in 2015, we were trying to get out of the house to make it to practice on time. Fumbling to gather her equipment, I started in about how she needs to keep track of her gear, keep her archery practice schedule, and what she should focus on because of the upcoming state tournament. She paused, looked me straight in the eye, and said, “Momma, sometimes I think you want this more than I do.”

She was not being flippant. She was not talking back. She said it so matter-of-factly that it pierced a level of my consciousness, shaking me into a new reality. Something switched. I knew I had to get a hold of my mindset. I needed to make a change. I desperately wanted out of the fear that everything was happening to me and I never knew what that “everything” would be.


Finding Inner Stillness

When I was a kid, I felt connected to Spirit. I can’t say I would have called it that at the time. There was an energy that just felt different yet reassuring. As I came into adulthood, though, I tried to pave my own road, as we all do. Disconnecting from my inner self, I relied on the external world for validation and fulfillment. The accounting career I chose provided well for me. However, it was anything but fulfilling. When I married an Air Force Officer in my early thirties, my career went on hold but something started to happen.


Spirital Life Coach

Those “Inner Nudges”

I started receiving subtle nudges and intuitive messages I can only describe as coming from beyond, from Spirit. A voice told me I would have one child and I did. Then, I miscarried twice before I remembered the voice. This connection intrigued me so much that I purchased a set of meditation CDs from John Edward, the medium. Escaping to a tropical beach releasing worries and fears calmed me. I felt refreshed and recharged to handle daily life. But over time, especially after my divorce, my meditation practice fell away. There just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day between work duties and mom chores to fit in sitting still in a chair for twenty minutes counting my breaths and listening to someone describe the winds blowing across a beach.

When I realized I had to make some positive changes in my life, I brought meditation back into the fold. In 2016, I committed to a daily practice starting with just three minutes of quiet sitting focusing on breathing. Consistent sitting in stillness brought clarity. Gradually, I increased my time. Space began to build between my thoughts and my reactions. My confidence grew allowing me to follow Spirit’s lead in decision making. I met new people who shared my vibe and became my tribe.

In 2017, my mother passed away and I needed that tribe. I understood gratitude at a deeper level by reaching to Spirit through meditation. My new friends and Spirit nourished my soul. Incredible synchronicities occurred helping me understand I was not alone.

Reconnecting With Spirit

In 2018, I began coaching training at the Mindfulness Coaching School. I followed a calling to couple my teaching skills with coaching skills to work with adults seeking a more mindful, peaceful way of living. I completed over 120 hours of coursework including a multitude of mindfulness practices, body scanning, energy, and mindset shifting techniques.

Through the Life Purpose Institute, I became certified as a Life Coach and a Spiritual Coach. I also studied with davidji, a world-renowned meditation teacher, completing a four-month program equivalent to 285 hours of Yoga training to become a certificated Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teacher.

I am thrilled to bring my skills in coaching, mindfulness, and meditation to you as a Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation Mentor. If you are in the midst of a life-changing event, want to make a life transition, or deepen your spiritual connection, I can help.


davidji certified teacher

Master of Wisdom & Meditation, davidji certified teacher

Life Purpose Institute Robin Olson

Certified Life Coach & Meditation Mentoring, Life Purpose Institute

Peaceful Winds Healing Academy

Reiki Master in the Usui lineage, Peaceful Winds Healing Academy

Mindfulness Coaching School Robin Olson

Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coach, Mindfulness Coaching School

National end of life doula

National End-of-Life Doula Association

End of life doula

Certified End of Life Doula


B.S. Elem Ed, U of I, Champaign-Urbana

MBA, Keller Graduate School of Management